Mighty Titans Hail The Chiefs

A week ago on Sunday, as the divisional playoff game at Arrowhead was getting underway, my family gathered for Mass at my mom’s house.  In her ninetieth year, she is weakening and because she has been unable to get to church, one of the few places she would leave home to go, we brought church […]

Lord of the Dance

In The Two Popes, there is a brief scene in which the future Pope Francis tries to get the Holy Pontiff, Benedict XVI, to dance.  It reminded me of the liturgical hymn, Lord of the Dance, written by Sydney Carter in the 1960’s.  While some religions frown on dancing, others encourage it.  The song’s author […]

Out of Spite

In one of the Seinfeld episodes, Jerry attempts to return a sports coat to a clothier but the salesperson cannot take it back because when asked why he wants to return the jacket Jerry says “spite.”  Spite is not on the list of valid reasons for which a customer can return clothing.  His spite was […]

Christ’s Quarrel With Church

A year or so ago, one of my siblings asked me, “Are you trying to get fired?”  At that time—after decades of church leaders’ mismanagement and cover-up of crimes and sins coupled with the sickening headlines about cardinals’ and bishops’ sexual misconduct and the Pennsylvania grand jury report—some of our ecclesial decision-makers still had their […]

First Month, Second Mountain, Third Eye

The world of optometry helps to identify defects in our sight and offers corrective measures that allow us to see more clearly.  In the world of religion and spirituality, we also have specialists who can help us gain better insight.  The year that awaits us provides a good metaphor for such vision.  For those that […]

Happiness at Year’s End

Though some writers distinguish joy from happiness—one being an emotion that is often fleeting while the other is a way of living that we willfully embrace—they are both wonderful and we often touch them in meaningful ways at Christmastime and year’s end. There is a downward trend in happiness according to the World Happiness Report […]

Make Haste Patiently

At its core, Borromeo Academy has something crucial in common with Advent.  Both are about being urgent and being patient at the same time.  Mary, the young virgin of Nazareth, is the primary biblical character of the Advent Season and primary example for us in our quest to bring Christ into our world today.  She, […]