Teenage Faith

Friends of mine are parents to five teenagers.  When they were five infants, toddlers, and tykes, they were cute, fun, and adorable—also a handful.  These parents, who have a clear and unified sense of God and faith, found it easy and enjoyable to teach their little kids about the Lord, right versus wrong, and making […]

A Women’s Morning Of Prayer

On the Saturday before Lent, March 2, there will be a half-day retreat at Rockhurst High School for women.  If you are somebody’s mother, daughter, sister, or wife, irrespective of religious background, you are invited to join in.  I will team up with Rockhurst president, David Laughlin, to share presenter duties. The doors will open […]

What Children Need Most

Not being a parent or a teacher, I’ll be gutsy here and suggest that what children need most from home and school is also what they most desire: happiness that is found in identity, independence, and intimacy—a positive identity, appropriate independence, and healthy intimacy.  These interrelated items that they need most in their youth are […]

The Game of Church

Over 150 years ago, Milton Bradley introduced Life as a board game, originally titled The Checkered Game of Life.  From board games to video games to sports games, the metaphors for life are aplenty.  On Sunday, one team will proudly hoist the Lombardi Trophy.  Vince Lombardi, famed coach of the first Super Bowl champs, once […]

Thrill of Victory–Agony of Defeat

On Sunday, many of us watched two exhilarating football championship games, both taken to overtime, each with final outcomes that could have gone the other way.  There is sometimes a slim margin between victory and defeat.  Kansas City Chiefs’ fans can look back on a fun season with an explosive offense, slowly-improved defense, strong special […]


Like most of Kansas City, I woke up happy.  Beyond the Chiefs hosting the AFC championship game for the first time since ever, Saint Charles Borromeo Parish is also having a good season. Last month, I informed you that we would conduct a #GivingDecember campaign in an attempt to close out the year with a […]

Extermination of Extremism

Catholic extremists on the left will not be satisfied until the church elects our first openly transsexual or lesbian pope; extremists on the right are worse—they live in fear.  Those with extremist views are unreasonable and illogical; they are often scrupulous and many suffer from mental torment.  It is, of course, impossible to exterminate extremism […]