Blowin’ In The Wind

Like Jesus did, many spiritualists compare the Holy Spirit to the wind—the breath of God.  Both are invisible yet they can be felt, even heard; they stir the atmosphere in sometimes unpredictable and powerful ways.  In the early 1960’s, when Peter, Paul, and Mary crooned the famous refrain, “The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in […]

Treasure The Moments

“You’ll remember me when the west wind moves upon the fields of barley…” Sting’s pensive lyrics from Fields of Gold inspire us to recall the most treasured moments of our lives.  November is a month of remembrance and gratitude.  For the Catholic Church, it begins with the Festival of All Saints and Commemoration of All […]


According to ancient Judeo-Christian tradition, the Sabbath begins as the sun sets and darkness descends upon the eve of the day that follows.  So Jews gather in synagogues and temples on Friday evenings while Catholics gather for the Saturday evening vigil to mark their Day of the Lord.  Similarly, kids originally dressed up as saints […]

Ecclesiastics & God’s People

It seems that at the heart of our Catholic Church’s maladies these days is a chasm that exists between the people of God and ecclesiastics (church types).  The chasm widens as young people leave the church in droves, bishops lose moral credibility, and ecclesiastics permit, even promote, pharisaicalism.  Pharisaical attitudes, according to Jesus, were the […]

Watch Party

I am a little embarrassed and a bit overwhelmed, a lot grateful and much humbled this morning. I went to a Chiefs watch party last night organized by some incredible friends to help me out with a financial set-back I recently encountered here at Saint Charles Parish.  Some at the watch party said that they […]

Autumn Spirits

Taking a stroll through autumn, we will meander through an array of colors from rust to gold as our feet rustle through leaves of red, brown, green, yellow, and orange.  In some ways, these vast shades of fallen leaves reflect the various seasonal spirits that accompany us and seem more present for some as we […]

State of Grace

An old man recently came to talk with me because he was confused and angered by things that church leaders taught him some sixty years ago.  At that younger age, he was condemned to hell for the mortal sin of missing Sunday Mass, then condemned again for going to Mass and receiving communion without first […]