Catholic Presidents

Many of our Catholic hierarchical leaders in America are not fans of President-elect Joe Biden—perhaps with substantial reason.  The atmosphere is very different from sixty years ago when the Catholic world was elated by the election of John F. Kennedy.  Celebrated then was the fact that a Catholic could become leader of our Waspish nation, […]

Borromeo Academy Luncheon

In the days of Thanksgiving and Advent, many families discuss how they want to direct their end-of-year giving efforts.  Please consider Saint Charles Borromeo Academy.  It’s time for our fourth annual Borromeo Academy City-Wide Prayer Luncheon.  Like every other event in this Covid-year, it will be a virtual affair this time around. I invite you […]

Sclerotic & Self-referential

John Paul II is a saint.  In my mind, there is no doubt about it.  But even saints carry scars of the human condition by which we are wounded in our earthly journey.  He was not perfect; in some ways, he was quite flawed.  The recent report about former cardinal Theodore McCarrick reveals how the […]

Strategic Visioning

Four years ago, this month, our school’s Sustainability Team decided to reverse the bad news that Saint Charles Borromeo Catholic Grade School would close after nearly seventy years of operations.  In spite of a negative financial trajectory and downward enrollment trend of the prior decade, the team saw a great opportunity to introduce here to […]

Extreme or Radical?

When Billy Joel sang “Darling, I don’t know why I go to extremes,” I think we could all relate.  We’ve each dipped our toe in the crazy pool of extremism from time to time; but we don’t want to swim in it.  Proper swimming apparel would be a spiritual hazmat suit. Like Jesus did in […]

Borromeo Morning After

The Feast of Saint Charles Borromeo follows election day.  For parishioners of the faith community that honors him by name, his blessings can serve us as a holy hangover for all that led up to it the past year.  There were debates a year ago and primary contests earlier in this calendar, a spring shut-down, […]

The Pope & Marriage

Pope Francis recently made a statement that homosexuals, like heterosexuals and all other people, are God’s children and those in civil unions ought to have legal protections and access to health care.  This has been interpreted by some as his endorsement, or even encouragement, of same sex marriages.  But his comments have far more to […]

Catholic Politicians

There are many Catholics bashing former Vice President Biden as election day draws near, including members of church hierarchy.  Perhaps it is simply an effort to even the playing field where the left-leaning media monopoly has been bashing President Trump most days.  But more likely, it is merely because Catholics want fellow-Catholics to show a […]

Touching Heaven

When I touch my lips to the altar at the beginning and ending of Masses, I am connecting our table-celebration on earth with the banquet feasts of heaven.  Each Catholic altar-table contains a relic of a saint, usually cemented or encased, in stone.  Thus, it becomes a touchstone from this world to the kingdom of […]

Lord of the Flies

When a housefly landed on the pate of Vice President Pence during his debate with Senator Harris earlier this week, people seemed more interested in it than the exchange of ideas that was otherwise taking place on stage that evening.  Attracted to hair product, it seemed content to linger as a symbol of the sad […]