Saint Corona Comes Through!

May 14 marks the feast of Saint Corona.  Is it any wonder that the mask order shielding us from coronavirus is lifted on her day? Her fame got resurrected last year when word spread that she, ironically, is the patron saint of pandemics.  She had a cult following among early Christians, a common practice toward […]

God’s Preferred Pronoun

Recently, at an all-girls high school, I referred to a student as “she” and was quickly informed that I was not using the person’s preferred pronoun.  As society continues to unfold, some contend that the two biblical genders are not enough.  Starting with chromosome anomalies and continuing with personal preferences of the psyche and medical […]

An Awareness

Louie Armstrong was once asked to explain jazz.  He responded, “If you got to ask the question, you’ll never know what it is.”  The point he makes is that jazz is something that you feel, something you mysteriously know, something of which you are simply aware.  It cannot be explained.  Fortunately, one can come to […]


Proverbs 29:18 forewarns: “Where there is no vision, the people will perish.”  Many of us hoped that the Year 20-20 would bring us that perfect vision for which our world deeply longs, but the coronavirus directed us to a different vision in which we were coerced to gaze inward and, in some ways, see who […]


My mother died eleven months ago.  Many kind and generous people donated to a memorial scholarship fund established in her honor.  Gifts measured near $50,000 at the time of her death and contributions from my siblings have now put it over $75,000.  We hope to eventually build up a $100,000 endowment that will provide annual […]

Another Way

My blog musings are written, in part, to inspire myself—and anyone else who reads them—to challenge the church we love to point to Christ, to imitate Christ, and to align with Christ first and foremost, instead of pointing to, serving, and protecting itself as an institution.  I believe that when Jesus established the church, He […]


Each year during Easter Week, we hear stories of Jesus’ appearance to His followers after the resurrection.  But even His closest companions did not recognize Him.  Mary Magdalene thought He was a gardener; Cleophas and his companion took Him for a fellow-sojourner; the Apostles, locked in quarantine, thought He was a ghost; the Disciples on […]

Woke Christianity

A priest I know periodically added to the Mass’s Prayers of the Faithful one that had shock-potential for worshippers.  He would proclaim: “Let us pray for all those who are dead but don’t yet know it…”  Taking a potshot at the walking dead among the Christian faithful who go to Mass out of routine or […]

Quo Vadis

There is a famous story in Christian tradition that tells of Saint Peter fleeing the persecutions in Rome during the first century to avoid his immanent death.  Along the road, he encounters Jesus who is walking the other way, toward the carnage.  Peter asks Jesus: “Quo Vadis?” which translates from Latin “Where are you going?”  […]


A ravine is a landform of depth and steep walls, narrower than a canyon and larger than a gully.  In the upcoming movie, The Ravine, it is the site and symbol of tragedy, grief, anger, deep sadness, evil spirits, mental agony, and torture.  Each of us understands these things on some level.  Kansas City producers, […]