Presidential Derangement Syndrome

In the early years of the Bush-43 presidency, the recently deceased news commentator, Charles Krauthammer, coined the phrase “Bush Derangement Syndrome”; he defined it as an acute onset of hysteria in otherwise normal people in reaction to the policies, leadership, and very existence of the president.  If such a syndrome exists, it has certainly been […]

One As Beautiful As You

On a starry, starry night in 1970 Don McLean paid tribute to Vincent Van Gogh in song, honoring his magnificent painting of a similar title.  He created the art piece after his ear-cutting meltdown, while given residence in a local insane asylum nearly a hundred years before McLean took notice.  While in captivity, Vincent liked […]

Hating The Resident President

Like many citizens of earth, some days I battle the impulse to lash out at President Trump.  I usually hold it in check with a sarcastic remark or expression of bewilderment; my grief doesn’t even register on the scale of vitriolic criticism he receives daily from coast to coast and beyond our shores.  Granted, there […]

Parish Priest as Curator

Someone once compared parish priests to twentieth century housewives: you can’t explain completely to anyone what you do—only know that you’re busy from early morning to late night taking care of what needs to be taken care of. In olden days, and in some places today, a parish priest was called a “curate.”  A curate […]

Church Law–Not Always Just

On numerous occasions, Pope Francis has expressed concern about the judgmental stance of the church on issues of sexual relations, annulments, and remarriage of divorced Catholics.  Part of his concern, I suspect, is that our faith teaches that God is the one true judge and His ways are not our ways.  When we set ourselves […]

That May to This May

  In May of 2016, I was informed that I would be assigned to Saint Charles Parish amidst news reports that the school would close.  This column offers an update from that May to this one, as well as some hopes for future days and future Mays. A school sustainability team, formed during the summer […]

Mystery and Absolutism

An old adage states, “Life is not a problem to be solved; it is a mystery to be lived.” Absolutism is a philosophical stance that contends there is an absolute truth.  Every religion and most governments lay claim to certain absolute truths; we profess them in our creeds, our catechisms, and our laws.  They exist […]