Presidential Derangement Syndrome

In the early years of the Bush-43 presidency, the recently deceased news commentator, Charles Krauthammer, coined the phrase “Bush Derangement Syndrome”; he defined it as an acute onset of hysteria in otherwise normal people in reaction to the policies, leadership, and very existence of the president.  If such a syndrome exists, it has certainly been amped up with President Trump.

I recently posted a blog acknowledging the legitimate concerns many people have for President Trump’s sometimes crude behaviors, immoral acts, and insulting style; I did so while also honoring his office and accomplishments therein.  I proffered that many who dislike him have allowed our emotions to escalate to levels of hatred that, subsequently, impact our own attitudes and behaviors in self-diminishing ways.  His wackiness (or our view thereof) has inadvertently contributed to our own neurosis.  Even if our instincts are correct that he is amoral, demented, or even evil, it shouldn’t result in otherwise normal people acting hysterically, PDS or otherwise.  Such responses bring no dignity at all to our Christian nature.

Some contend that it is not about hatred but rather righteous anger for injustices suffered by those victimized through Trump’s mode of operation.  Others suggest that by not expressing our disgust we are passively endorsing his ways as acceptable.  If it is about justice, it is worthwhile to note that, for Christians, justice is not so much about getting even with others as it is about getting right with God.  Therefore, if we want true justice it won’t be through tearing down the president but by building up the victimized through which our own relationship with the Lord is also made more right.  That same Lord did not ever advocate passivity—neither should we.  Jesus wants us to actively work for what is good, beautiful, ethical, noble, and honorable.

Those most concerned for the soul of America, which is at the center of this struggle, will eventually discover that the battle will be won not by making the president the enemy that we punch, jab, trash-talk, weave and bob around, but rather by doing our part to make America great again, too.  We’ll help make it greater by following strategies of the heart—as Saint Paul said: “compete well, fight the good battle, complete the race, keep the faith in every act…”  We’ll help make it greater by honestly facing our emotions—so we don’t get sucked into the hysteria—and by remaining true to godly values and virtues that were instilled in us by parents and forbears.

For 242 years, there has existed a tremendous American spirit—one that reflects the human spirit and is influenced by every earthly culture, religion, and nation from where we originate.  I realize that some believe that it is not a psychological illness but an evil spirit that has infiltrated this blessed land.  If so, know that People of God have been discerning spirits for millennia: conquering those that are destructive by reinforcing those that are healthy, holy, and wholesome.  This one nation under God will always find room for the spirit of divine grace.