Contemporary Spirituality

In Kansas City there is a Catholic-based group of spiritual seekers that meets to discuss their mystical journeys and encourage one another in faith.  Formed about five years ago by Mike Matteuzzi, they originally met at Guardian Angel Church.  Those who assembled for discussions had one thing in common: their search for a deeper understanding of God’s involvement in their lives.  They desired to supplement their religious experience of prayer and worship with the wisdom of spiritualists and the companionship of others who pursue these higher matters of human existence.

For the past two years, the group has also hosted monthly open-invitation presentations in which a local or national spiritual guide offers insights on one of a variety of faith-based subjects.  Topics have included inner healing, the spirituality of listening, twenty-first century mystics, going deep in a shallow society, prophetic voices, spiritual communion, and advancing our unfinished self.  Next month’s assembly will be held at Saint Charles Borromeo Parish on Saturday, September 8, 9:00-4:00.  The guest presenter will be Father Carl Arico, who will speak on the power of consenting to God.  Like in previous gatherings, participants will be offered practical ways to connect better with the Lord and one another, as well as discover hope in current circumstances.

Father Arico was a disciple of the Trappist monk and architect of contemporary centering prayer, Thomas Keating.  Arico, with Keating, was a founder of Contemporary Outreach; he has also authored several books and articles and is a master in praying the scriptures.  From Newark, New Jersey, he has served as a parish priest, high school teacher, retreat master, marriage counselor, and family life consultant.  Known for his wisdom, humor, and humility, he prides himself in helping with the linguistic gap that exists between clergy and laity.  You can learn more and register for the event on-line at or by visiting our Saint Charles Borromeo parish website.

If interested in also learning more about the Kansas City-based contemporary spirituality group, you can contact Mike Matteuzzi at 913-253-2510.  He enjoys conversing about the topic and assisting fellow sojourners in faith.  I have had the pleasure of working with him and many other individuals associated with the group.  Like in the days of Jesus, we’re just people wanting to help other people find a path that leads to heaven in the world beyond and that realizes the glory of God in this world, too.