Catholic Politicians

There are many Catholics bashing former Vice President Biden as election day draws near, including members of church hierarchy.  Perhaps it is simply an effort to even the playing field where the left-leaning media monopoly has been bashing President Trump most days.  But more likely, it is merely because Catholics want fellow-Catholics to show a […]

Touching Heaven

When I touch my lips to the altar at the beginning and ending of Masses, I am connecting our table-celebration on earth with the banquet feasts of heaven.  Each Catholic altar-table contains a relic of a saint, usually cemented or encased, in stone.  Thus, it becomes a touchstone from this world to the kingdom of […]

Lord of the Flies

When a housefly landed on the pate of Vice President Pence during his debate with Senator Harris earlier this week, people seemed more interested in it than the exchange of ideas that was otherwise taking place on stage that evening.  Attracted to hair product, it seemed content to linger as a symbol of the sad […]

October Surprise

In the world of weather, we sometimes get a heavy snowfall in October or a week of “Indian summer.”  In the world of sports, an unlikely wildcard team like the 2014 Kansas City Royals can win the American League pennant in October and follow up as World Series champions the next season.  In politics, during […]

Solidarity & Justice

Within hours of the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, zealous right-to-lifers sent petitions to the President, asking that he nominate a judge who would strike down the 1973 Roe vs Wade decision which allows pregnant women to abort their babies.  I guess they determined there is no time to mourn when there […]

_____Lives Matter

“When we say that ‘Black Lives Matter’ we are not saying that other lives don’t matter, we are just saying that black people shouldn’t be treated badly or looked at differently because of our skin color.”  These words spoken by a young scholar at Borromeo Academy last week to schoolmates helped them to better understand […]


The Protestant Reformation of the 16th Century was based on protests against the establishment church, much as American protests from coast to coast this summer target the establishment government.  Protests are often good and healthy to an institutional system, but sometimes they are destructive. The religious protests throughout Europe 500 years ago were well warranted.  […]

They’re Baaackk!

As we enter the heat and heart of another general election, get ready.  People will let loose with their political views and castigate others who do not agree with them.  Some will be particularly offensive and critical of church officials for speaking out about the election or for not speaking out about it.  Observers claim […]


Some of us probably look better with our masks on than off.  Though inconvenient, they provide us some notable advantages, e.g., I don’t feel compelled to shave every day; many women save significantly on lipstick and make-up expenses; we’re not popping in breath mints quite as often…  Realizing they are necessary during Covid, we ought […]


In the pre-Vatican II Latin Mass, priests around the globe would bow their heads during a high point of Catholic worship and whisper: “Hoc est corpus meam.”  These fontal words, “This is my body,” was a sign for all who gathered that the bread and wine were no longer bread and wine but a different […]