Still Climbing

A story is told about a man who attempted to climb Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro, but he never made it to the top.  Members of the expedition team that accompanied him recall his last words.  When they called out to him, he called back: “I’m still climbing!” I began this blog soon after coming to Saint […]


When God delivered The Ten Commandments to our Jewish ancestors, it was during the time that He also delivered them from slavery in Egypt and accompanied them to a promised land.  He initiated and fulfilled their liberation so that they could live their true identity.  Their identity was not as slaves, not primarily as laborers […]

Part of the Ocean

There’s a story I love about a little wave that bobbed along in the ocean enjoying the fresh air, breeze, sunshine, and rhythm of its existence.  Then one day, it noticed that other waves in front of it were crashing onto the shore.  “My God,” said the wave, “this is terrible.  Look what’s going to […]

Woke Christians

Henry David Thoreau famously wrote: “The mass of men lead quiet lives of desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.”  His comment suggests that most of us are asleep (if not dead) inside as we go through our daily motions of unfulfilled encounters at work and home, in relationship with […]

Year of Listening

The Catholic Church’s Synod on Synodality seems to be vast and varied.  I believe that, above all else, it is a spiritual exercise in listening.  The theologian, Paul Tillich, once stated, “The first act of love is to listen.”  Like a mother who listens to her baby’s breathing, we act in accord with love when […]

I Believe–Help My Unbelief

The prayer of Saint Augustine, “I believe, Lord.  Help my unbelief,” is echoed in every generation, especially at this time of year when we surrender to the immensity of the divine mystery, contemplate the magic of the Christmas season, and resolve to do better in the new year that awaits us.  Young Natalie Wood in […]

A Child’s Christmas Eyes

Theologian Jack Shea once told this story that he calls Sharon’s Christmas Prayer.  “She was five, sure of the facts, and recited them with slow solemnity convinced that every word was revelation.  She said they were poor—so poor they had only peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to eat and they went a long way from […]

Treasures for Christ

The story of the first Christmas inspires other and varied stories of giving—including your own.  That is because God so loved the world that He gave us His only son.  As the Magi opened their coffers to present magnificent gifts illustrating royalty (gold), divinity (frankincense), and mortality (myrrh), they rouse us to examine our own […]

Luke’s Infancy

The story of Jesus’ birth is told from two perspectives in the Bible.  Matthew’s Gospel tells the narrative from Joseph’s view, while Luke’s account offers it from Mary’s.  One traces Christ’s genealogy to Abraham, the father of faith, while the other traces it to Adam and his father, the Creator of all.  One genealogy is […]

Saint Nicholas

With a twist of the tongue, “Saint Nickolas” became “sane-nee-clus” and eventually “Santa Claus.”  Our American version of the great gift-bearer is based on the life of Good Saint Nick, a fourth century bishop from Asia Minor (Myra, located in modern-day Turkey).  As it is with many early Christian saints—strong Christopher who helped sojourners cross […]