God’s Invitation

The coming of Christmas sparks joy in the lives of children and generosity in the hearts of earth’s citizens.  People of good will, especially Christians, are touched by the message of God’s incarnation as a Jewish baby, though not welcomed by many cultural and religious leaders, was welcomed by common folk and outsiders.  We often […]


Inspired by the #GivingTuesday tradition that now inaugurates the annual holiday season of giving we, at Saint Charles, are conducting, this month, a #GivingDecember in hopes that we can close out the year by closing out some financial hardships that have been carried here for many years.  Nearly forty percent of all charitable giving takes […]

Catholic Chaos

The Catholic Church is in a state of chaos, some say a state of crisis.  Twenty-first century Catholics are not like those of the last century or last millennia; they are motivated by spirituality far more than by religious structures, rituals, or questionable regulations.  They value church as a means of following Jesus’ message and […]

Hallmark Holy Days

Clustered with some guys at a social gathering, the conversation turned to what channel would come on next time our TV power button got pushed.  For me, it’s always a news or sports station except, I admitted, between Thanksgiving and Christmas when movies of holiday love and magic run non-stop on the hallmark channel.  I […]


This note is to alert you to the upcoming Academy Prayer Breakfast (APB) at Saint Charles Borromeo.  Though maybe not an all-points-bulletin, I will present here an outline of our annual end-of-year fundraiser to be held on the morning of Friday, December 7. Mass will begin at 7:30.  You can enter through the new plaza […]

My Mother, The Luddite

Though my mother is not a complete luddite, she’s never been interested in what’s trendy and has no concern for new products or technology.  She doesn’t have a computer and has never sent or received an e-mail message.  She has no cell phone—in fact, has had no phone at all for the past quarter century.  […]

You and God are One

For some Bible readers, John’s Gospel is full of gibberish: “…The Father is in Me and I am in the Father (John 10)…you are in Me just as I am in the Father and the Father is in Me…The Father and I are one (John 14)…I am the vine and you are the branches…Live in me […]