We Might As Well Retreat

Soon after coming to Saint Charles, I was encouraged to create a blog to promote spirituality (and events) with some of the people I met during my three decades of priesthood and keep you abreast of how we are progressing through adversities and struggles with your support to revitalize the parish.  All of my previous […]

Saint Corona

What are the chances that the Catholic Church would have a saint named Corona and that she happens to be the patron saint of pandemics?  Even stranger, her mortal remains lie in the Basilica of Anzu, in northern Italy, near the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in Europe earlier this year.  Some might rush to […]


This was supposed to be the year of perfect, 20/20, vision in which we gain incredible spiritual insight into God working in our lives.  Instead, we get COVID-19, the coronavirus.  Ironically, it is forcing many of us to treat Lent in the way that spiritualists have urged us to do for years. Among their urgings […]

Respect Tradition, Respect Progress

A church that worships itself fails to worship God.  This is a major concern for those who have left the Catholic Church in recent years.  They witnessed as the church sought answers by referencing itself rather than referencing God.  They watched as the church defended and protected itself rather than defending and protecting God’s people […]

Touchstone of Healing

Catholic Mass begins and ends with the presiding priest touching his lips to the altar.  That is because there is a stone encased in altars that holds a relic of a saint.  The kissing gesture connects the people of earth with those of heaven through our touchstone.  It is in worship that humanity and divinity […]

Deserts & Mountains

Lent is a most wonderful, grace-filled, and joyous season within Christianity.  The forty-day journey begins with a mark of ashes, sign of our mortality and communion with God.  On the Sunday following Ash Wednesday, we read or hear a Gospel account of Jesus going into the desert for forty days and nights to contend with […]

Leap Into Lent

Leap Year occurs every four years in order to synchronize our calendar year with the solar year, i.e., the length of time it takes the earth to orbit the sun—roughly 365¼ days.  “Leaping” is mentioned in Sacred Scripture several times in relationship to being in the presence of God.  Among the most common passages from […]