Leap Into Lent

Leap Year occurs every four years in order to synchronize our calendar year with the solar year, i.e., the length of time it takes the earth to orbit the sun—roughly 365¼ days.  “Leaping” is mentioned in Sacred Scripture several times in relationship to being in the presence of God.  Among the most common passages from […]

Little Women of KC

On Saturday morning, February 29, Rockhurst High School will host the annual Women’s Day of Reflection to inaugurate the Lenten Season.  This year’s theme is Vision.  It’s a perfect focus for 20-20 as we desire to be nearsighted enough to see today and farsighted enough to envision the future, farsighted enough to think globally and […]

Goal Posts of Life

Hail to The Chiefs!  The palindrome date, O2-02-2020, will long be remembered in KC.  What an amazing fourth quarter, third consecutive playoff double-digit comeback, and unbelievable season for the Super Bowl Champions! Among the many highlights of this dream season, behind Andy Reid’s genius, Tyreek Hill’s speed, Travis Kelce’s strength, Damien Williams’ explosiveness, Patrick Mahomes’ […]

Hoping For Victory

It all started late last January after the championship game: a tough overtime loss and long year to re-load and re-aim. A season of ups and downs still landed us atop the AFC west but the goal is more than that: it is to be the very best. Earning postseason play with Titans, Texans, Vikings, […]

Mighty Titans Hail The Chiefs

A week ago on Sunday, as the divisional playoff game at Arrowhead was getting underway, my family gathered for Mass at my mom’s house.  In her ninetieth year, she is weakening and because she has been unable to get to church, one of the few places she would leave home to go, we brought church […]

Lord of the Dance

In The Two Popes, there is a brief scene in which the future Pope Francis tries to get the Holy Pontiff, Benedict XVI, to dance.  It reminded me of the liturgical hymn, Lord of the Dance, written by Sydney Carter in the 1960’s.  While some religions frown on dancing, others encourage it.  The song’s author […]

Out of Spite

In one of the Seinfeld episodes, Jerry attempts to return a sports coat to a clothier but the salesperson cannot take it back because when asked why he wants to return the jacket Jerry says “spite.”  Spite is not on the list of valid reasons for which a customer can return clothing.  His spite was […]