Long Live the Queen

When Queen Elizabeth II died last week, the British flag was lowered to half-mast, and a rainbow suddenly appeared over the royal residence at Windsor Castle while a double rainbow materialized in London over Buckingham Palace.  Though only mentioned a few times in the Bible and usually connected to the story of Noah’s obedience to […]

Hillbilly God

A future disciple, hearing about Jesus for the first time, asked his buddy: “Can anything good come from Nazareth?”  Jesus was a back hills barefoot carpenter who became an itinerant preacher claiming to be God.  Though most of His listeners and followers were rooted in agrarian values—and He was radical (it comes from “radish” meaning […]

Labor Day Faith

This weekend, as we consider the work of our hands and labors of love, I invite you to consider some opportunities to transform faith into life-enriching work through acts that improve our city while uniting us closer to God and one another.  Labor Day occurs as the academic year revs us up for busier months […]

Synodality Now!

When I drive by Serenity Funeral Home on Bannister Road at Troost Avenue on my daily commute, I think of Frank Costanza from Seinfeld fame.  In one episode, Frank sought to master interior peace through the spiritual mantra, “Serenity Now.”  But since Mr. Costanza was notorious for creating emotional havoc through thunderous outbursts, volatile impatience, […]

Seamless Garment

When Jesus died on Mount Calvary, the soldiers stripped off His garment and cast lots for it.  Because it was a seamless cloth, they determined that it should not be torn and divided.  As with the story of the Messiah’s birth when the baby was wrapped in swaddling clothes, we use the image of a […]

20 in the 70s

Celebrating my birthday with siblings this week it hit me that, since I was born in ’59 and lived in eight different decades, I am dangerously close to being labeled an octogenarian.  My older sister who hosted the gathering reflected on her recent high school reunion when classmates agreed that it was more fun and […]

Broken Hearts

I think it was G. K. Chesterton who once quipped that there should be a ninth Beatitude and it should read: “Blessed are the broken-hearted, for they provide a crack by which God can enter and dwell within them.”   With broken hearts, many parents have had to bury their child.  I don’t know a […]

Rest In The Lord

In the sixth chapter of Mark’s Gospel, Jesus instructs His disciples to come and rest for a while.  In Luke’s Gospel, Jesus tells an inspiring story about a servant who works hard all day in the field.  As the sun goes down, his tired body drags in, not to lounge or slumber but, to wait […]

Housing Wisdom

Rockhurst University’s motto, Sapientia Aedificavit Sibi Donum, translates as “Wisdom has built herself a home.”  The plot of land between Troost Avenue and The Paseo, north of 52nd to almost 55th Street south, houses this standard.  Built on solid and fertile soil, it is truly an educational and spiritual anchor in our local Catholic community […]

Rock of Justice

This is Father Don Farnan. I have transferred from Saint Charles Parish in the Kansas City northland to Rockhurst University and serving several parish in the vicinity. I will continue the blog (formerly known as “Charged With Saint Charles”) under the temporary title of “Upon This Rock.” If you do not want to continue receiving […]