Phonies, Morons, & Perverts

Kids these days kill me.  They really do. When speaking with high school or college students or those that want to get married—any young person facing transition—I sometimes channel my inner Holden Caulfield (as in this blog), who basically thought that anyone over twenty-two was a phony, a moron, or a pervert.  Though bright, savvy, […]

Aging With Vitality & Grace

As another Royals’ season comes to the end and Chiefs’ season begins, and as summer’s heat gives way to autumn’s chill, we are mindful of the seasons of the year in Kansas City: cold, cool, warm, hot, warm, cool, cold…and we are invited to also contemplate the seasons of our life. Here in the Midwest, […]

In The Beginning…

When I began this blog nine months ago, I invited you to follow along as I was charged with ministering to a dying parish community that wasn’t ready to die.  Saint Charles Borromeo Parish lived its heydays in decades past as one of the most vibrant places in our local diocese—so vibrant that it split […]

Good Health, Spirituality, & Rosary

Spirituality is the profound belief that we are connected to a higher power and that that power somehow reveals to us that our purpose and meaning are beyond what we can sense physically and mentally. In recent decades, scientists have examined the effects of spirituality on health.  Thus far, indicators reveal that there is a […]

Can You Stand To Be Alone With God?

As human beings we are primarily relational, social, beings but I hope that you also welcome and treasure time alone. And though being alone can sometimes be lonely, I hope you realize that, in God, you are never truly alone. The late Dutch psychiatrist, J. H. van den Berg, once stated: “Loneliness is the nucleus […]

Communication & Coping

It seems that the number one indicator for success in relationships is good communication.  Furthermore, the number one indicator of good communication is problem-solving skills.  And, taking it one step beyond, I believe that those who are the best problem-solvers are those who understand and manage their defense mechanisms or coping skills. Though it might […]

Community & Communion

Rabbi Harold Kushner, in his recent book, Nine Essential Things I Have Learned About Life, passes along wisdom from his advanced place near the sunset of his human life.  He writes: “My theology is less and less about who God is or what God does, and more and more about who we are and what […]