Encountering God

Throughout my life, like many of you, I have pondered the existence of an almighty deity.  As a little kid, I had conversations with God that convinced me not only of His universal power and glory but also of His personal connection to, and interest in, me.  These spiritual rendezvous were not earthshattering revelations but […]

In The Father’s Name

Daniel Day-Lewis starred in a 1993 movie entitled “In the Name of the Father” about a young man who is sent by his dad to carry out a particular, seemingly impossible, task and is wrongfully accused of a crime.  To save his father from being murdered, he takes blame for the crime and is imprisoned, […]

Zelensky’s Lent

Former actor and comedian, Volodymyr Zelensky, has the spotlight of the world stage shining upon him but in an incredibly serious role of life and death for millions of people as he also sets the course for future international relationships.  Born into a Jewish family in a primarily Christian country, he is, on many fronts, […]

Spring Break Saints

Each year, around spring break, our church honors two of her most revered sons: Joseph and Patrick.  Italians claim Joseph, though he was Israeli, never setting foot in Italy, while the Irish claim Patrick, though he was not Irish; a prisoner there during his youth, he was sent back later to introduce and spread Christianity […]

Charity & Solidarity

One of the things I love most about the Catholic Church is her emphasis on charity and solidarity.  Each Lent, we are called to give alms, one of the three chief directives of this penitential season, along with prayer and fasting.  For decades, many Catholics have participated in the annual Rice Bowl activity by dropping […]

No “I” in Jesus

Those growing up in youth sports learn that there is no “I” in “team.”  We become part of something bigger because we have each other.  In baptism we become part of a community of faith, part of Christ’s team.  Catholics are taught that we don’t get to heaven on our own but get there with […]


A friend of mine ordered a T-shirt that states, on the front, “I’m fat but I identify as skinny.”  The back clarifies it: “I’m Trans-slender.”  I suppose similar claim could be made by the guy on a three-day drunk who identifies as sober while on a Trans-bender, or a college student who identifies as a […]

Valentine Signs

There’s a joke about a husband whose downfall was that he misread his wife’s hints for romantic gifts.  As their anniversary approached, she said, “Honey, I had the most interesting dream about our anniversary.  We were having an intimate dinner and I was wearing a gorgeous diamond bracelet.  What do you think it means?”  He […]

Christ’s Poverty

Because Jesus was Jewish, poor, and existed in a subjugate and oppressed society, He understood the world differently than most of us do through the lens of our high-achieving first-world nation of religious freedom, wealth, opportunity, and dominance in multiple realms.  His most famous speech, The Sermon on the Mount, began with acknowledging those who […]

Gridiron Liturgy

After hosting a fourth consecutive NFL-AFC championship game, Arrowhead Stadium turns off the lights of another exciting and entertaining season; what transpired there lingers as if a mystical ether captures its memories.  Like the warning in Allen Field House at KU in Lawrence, “Pay heed all who enter…Beware of the Phog…”, there is a spirt […]