Christmas Characters

Among my favorite characters of the holiday season are George Bailey, Ebenezer Scrooge, and The Grinch of Whoville.  Each of their stories revolves around a spiritual encounter that led to a conversion experience which became a pivotal point in their earthly life. What our church calls conversion, ancient Greeks called metanoia: an about-face, a one-eighty, […]

Adoration & Imitation

Advent is a terrific time for Christians to reflect upon our relationship with Jesus and to ponder an important question: Should our relationship with Jesus be more about adoring Him or imitating Him? The Infancy Narratives and Christmas Carols of this season certainly put the emphasis on adoration.  And why not—every baby is worth adoring […]

Black Friday to White Christmas

Black Friday was originally labeled “black” in the 1960s because of the mayhem it caused in large cities with traffic jams and chaos in department stores, as well as minor crimes and accidents that resulted from them.  For retailers, the negative connotations were made positive because it marked the busiest shopping day of the year, […]

From Pilgrims to Hellatives

As trees shed their leaves to lay a carpet over the earth and autumn’s harvest provides its bounty, children learn about, and reenact, a mystical banquet feast in which Native Americans sat down to share a plentiful meal with Pilgrims who sailed to these shores seeking paradise nearly 400 years ago. One first grader, wearing […]

Elvis The Pelvis

It’s an obvious nickname that Elvis acquired because of gyrations that accompanied his performances. When asked how it started, he said: “My manager told me that everybody was hollerin’ and screamin’ whenever I was wigglin’ my legs—the more I did it, the wilder they went.”  For a long time, church leaders have also been hollerin’ […]

A Thanksgiving Advent at SCBA

Bright and early on Monday morning, December 4, I will co-host a prayer breakfast fundraiser at Saint Charles Borromeo Academy alongside Bishop Johnston, Larry Moore, and our principal, Ann Lachowitzer. The purpose and goal is three-fold: to raise necessary funds to operate our fledgling academy, to introduce and promote Catholic diocesan classical liberal arts education […]

The Way, The Truth, The Life

Among the greatest turn-offs that people—especially young people—sense from the Catholic Church is that it is arrogant, gnostic, and self-referential.  Though this may no longer be a true characterization, it is a popular perception that church leaders are more interested in being faithful to the church than to Jesus.  Pope Francis, in his brief pontificate, […]