Come Back To Sunday Mass

The Third Commandment tells us to Keep holy the Sabbath.  It doesn’t tell us to Go to church on Sunday but among the most common sins brought to the confessional on a typical Saturday afternoon is “I missed Sunday Mass.”  Not a Commandment of God but a precept of the Catholic Church, skipping Mass is […]

Faith Matters

Each year as summer gets underway, Catholics transition through a series of feasts honoring the Body and Blood of Christ, our Blessed Mother, His Sacred Heart, her Immaculate Heart, the Holy Spirit, and Holy Trinity.  I hope that these mysteries prompt us to ponder our faith a little more deeply. On the Feast of the […]

Changing The Lord’s Prayer

Earlier this century, some of the wording of the Catholic Mass in English-speaking lands was changed—or changed back—and worshipers adjusted rather smoothly.  Most notable is our response to “The Lord be with you.”  To say “And with your spirit” rather than “And also with you” aligns English-speakers with the older Latin version, “Et cum spiritu […]

Are You Still Catholic?

Bishop Robert Barron of Los Angeles recently wrote a Letter to a Suffering Church.  Though written like letters from Saint Paul and other patriarchs in the fledgling church, or papal letters through the centuries, it holds no official value; he writes simply as a bishop who wants to express compassion to fellow church members agonizing […]


I was ordained to the priesthood in June, thirty-two years ago, on the Feast of Saint Anthony, patron of what is lost.  During this time, the church has changed; I have changed; the ways people view Catholic priesthood have changed.  Some of the changes are cataclysmic.  Much has been lost.  Yet Saint Anthony reminds me […]

One In Ten Confessions

It seems to me that in one of about every ten confessions people touch the heart of key issues in their union with God and leave the confessional determined to change detrimental attitudes and patterns in their lives.  In the other encounters, penitents basically present a laundry list of behaviors that are merely symptomatic of […]

Yoked (Yoga-ed) To Christ

In Jesus’ time, wooden yokes got placed upon oxen to plow fields.  First, however, the ox was taken to a local carpenter to be fitted.  If not, these notoriously harmful contraptions could pinch nerves and severely damage the animals—even kill them.  According to a legend, Jesus-the-carpenter created the best ox-yokes in all of Galilee and […]