Women Witnesses

A story is told about an old man resting under a huge oak tree with his young grandson.  The grandfather picks up an acorn and hands it to the boy, telling him that the massive tree was once that very size.  The boy, looking up at the tree and down at the acorn, then asks: […]

Cult Cultivates Culture

This weekend members of a small faith-based community called Regnum Christi are at Saint Charles Parish to help cultivate the very essence of our religious belief, which we commemorate during the annual Triduum rituals.  It is the third consecutive year that this group whose members range from infant to elder, though mostly families with school-aged […]

If Only Christians Acted Like Christ

“If only you, Christians, acted more like your Christ the whole world would want to join you.”  It is reported that Mohandas Gandhi used these or similar words when conversing about Jesus with a western missionary serving in India.  The beloved mahatma’s critique that our actions are far from The One we claim to follow […]

Conscientious Consciousness

Leonard Sax, MD, PhD, in his book, The Collapse of Parenting, suggests that the top indicator for happiness among humans is the personality trait of conscientiousness.  More than wealth or health, fame or fortune, power or prestige, brilliance or beauty, happiness—the one thing we desire most—is found in people who are conscientious, a characteristic that […]

Left Handed Christianity

If you were once a little left-handed pupil writing schoolwork at your desk, an insistent nun carrying a large ruler may have smacked your hand.  That’s because left-handedness is sinister; the Latin “sinestra” means left or left-handed.  It evolved to mean “evil” or “unlucky.”  Being a southpaw was considered by some, even in the last […]

Ecclesial Diversity

When I was a young priest, I served as Vocation Director for my diocese.  During that time, I was struck by the fact that my brother priests held varying ecclesial views that aligned us with, or separated us from, each other and, subsequently, made vocation work more challenging.  I wrote the following poem at that […]

Restoring the Church’s Beauty

Catholics are not angry at the Catholic Church that was established by Jesus Christ.  They are angry at the corporate bureaucratic institutional Catholic Church that keeps redirecting it.  Perhaps we can transform our anger by joining Pope Francis who is leading us to restore the beauty of the Church in Christ, even when it’s not […]