Like most of Kansas City, I woke up happy.  Beyond the Chiefs hosting the AFC championship game for the first time since ever, Saint Charles Borromeo Parish is also having a good season. Last month, I informed you that we would conduct a #GivingDecember campaign in an attempt to close out the year with a […]

Extermination of Extremism

Catholic extremists on the left will not be satisfied until the church elects our first openly transsexual or lesbian pope; extremists on the right are worse—they live in fear.  Those with extremist views are unreasonable and illogical; they are often scrupulous and many suffer from mental torment.  It is, of course, impossible to exterminate extremism […]

I Resolve This New Year…

Making a New Year’s resolution can sometimes motivate us to pursue a better life; once in a while it can also sustain us to change habits.  I believe that the annual pledge will be more motivational and sustaining when made before a Christmas crèche.  Churches keep the holy manger scene visible and prominent throughout the […]

Sleep Heavenly

It would be attention-getting for me to inform you that I sleep around. To introduce a message, preachers are encouraged to first get people’s attention.  Now that I’ve got yours, I’ll direct it to your beds.  Though I am the only person living in the Saint Charles Borromeo rectory, it has six bedrooms.  None was […]

God’s Invitation

The coming of Christmas sparks joy in the lives of children and generosity in the hearts of earth’s citizens.  People of good will, especially Christians, are touched by the message of God’s incarnation as a Jewish baby, though not welcomed by many cultural and religious leaders, was welcomed by common folk and outsiders.  We often […]


Inspired by the #GivingTuesday tradition that now inaugurates the annual holiday season of giving we, at Saint Charles, are conducting, this month, a #GivingDecember in hopes that we can close out the year by closing out some financial hardships that have been carried here for many years.  Nearly forty percent of all charitable giving takes […]

Catholic Chaos

The Catholic Church is in a state of chaos, some say a state of crisis.  Twenty-first century Catholics are not like those of the last century or last millennia; they are motivated by spirituality far more than by religious structures, rituals, or questionable regulations.  They value church as a means of following Jesus’ message and […]